Working with Stadtkreation?

Stadtkreation offers internships and the possibility of freelance work. We have an office computer space available for this, but home office or mixed solutions are also possible. Although we work in the field of urban planning, we specialise in the implementation of digital media in informative and interactive form for planning projects. We are therefore unable to offer urban planners and urban planning students the opportunity to work with us – unless you are interested in working in the areas mentioned below and have the relevant experience.

For an internship or freelance work at Stadtkreation you should have sound knowledge in some of these areas:

  • Web development in general (HMTL, CSS, JavaScript incl. libraries like jQuery, PHP).
  • Web design
  • Technical implementation of WordPress themes and plugins
  • Technical implementation of websites and extensions in TYPO3, Contao and/or Drupal
  • Implementation of WebGIS solutions with Leaflet or Openlayers using OpenStreetMap data
  • Experienced in using the open source GIS programme QGIS for analytical processing of geodata
  • Knowledge of OpenStreetMap tools (e.g. Overpass API)

Interested? Simply send your application to the email address you will find under Contact.