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Since Nov 6, 2017 formally “Urban Planner” within the architectural association of Hamburg
Johannes Bouchain is formally registerd as freelance Urban Planner within the architectural association of Hamburg since Nov 6, 2017.

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Website for research project HeKriS – Challenges of resilience in European cities
The website for research project "HeKriS - Challenges of resilience in European cities" is now online at Realised in charge of Institute of Environmental Planning of Leibniz University Hanover.

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Website for large accessibility congress in Hamburg now online
The website for "Teilhabe - geht doch!" accessibility congress  in Hamburg is now online. Realised in charge of SUPERURBAN.

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MIZUglónk SUNRISE: Crowdsourcing for sustainable mobility in Budapest
The crowdsourcing website MIZUglónk SUNRISE, collecting hints and ideas for sustainable mobility in Törökőr neighborhood in Budapest, ist now online. Realized as part of the SUNRISE project for urbanista.

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Online since today: New website of Hamburg-based building company Max Hoffmann
The new webste of Hamburg-based building company Max Hoffmann has been launched today: Realized in charge of urbanista.

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Project partnership with urban planning office cappel + kranzhoff
Since the end of August 2017, STADTKREATION works in close partnership with cappel + kranzhoff urban planning office in Hamburg-Altona. The project partnership currently includes special regional landuse planning issues as well as informal urban master planning.

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Public Transit Crowdsourcing with WordPress Theme “My Transit Lines”
The new version 1.5 of "My Transit Lines" Public Transit Crowdsourcing Theme for Wordpress, developed by STADTKREATION, is now ready for download. Detailed information here.

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A nice present for cycling friends: The Bottle of Honour
The website has been published recently. The main product of the project is the so called "Bottle of Honour", a personalized drinking bottle that one can send to friends as a present. STADTKREATION implemented the "Wall of Honour" in charge of

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Now online: The Hamburg cycling calendar by “Moin Bike”
The calendar for cycling planning and cycling politics events for Hamburg at went online recently. It is maintained by "Moin Bike", an initiative of STADTKREATION, and supported by ADFC Hamburg.

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Website for bunker demolition and new develompent project Saßstraße now online
The information website for Bunker demolition and new development project Saßstraße in Hamburg ist now online. Design and technical realization for konsalt GmbH.

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Instruments list of Klangmanufaktur has been published
The Instruments list of Klangmanufaktur has now been published. All instruments of the Hamburg-based Steinway restoration workshop are being presented in detail. Design: Büro KLASS. Technical realization: STADTKREATION.

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Information website for demolition of former post headquarters and new development project no onlin
Website for information and communication regarding the demolition of the former post headquarters in City Nord district in Hamburg and new development project Ipanema in the area is now online. Design and technical realization for konsalt GmbH.

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Keynote presentation “Mobility chains in rural areas”
Johannes Bouchain held a keynote presentation about "Mobility chains in rural areas" in charge of Sweco GmbH during a Regionalmanagement Mitte Niedersachsen mobility working group meeting in Bruchhausen-Vilsen (Lower Saxony).

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Johannes Bouchain now auditor and consultant for bicycle-friendly employers
Since March 2017 Johannes Bouchain works as auditor and consultant for bicycle-friendly employers  in charge of ADFC for Hamburg area. More information at

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SUNRISE – EU project focusing sustainable mobility started recently
The EU project SUNRISE - Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood Reasearch and Implementation Support in Europe started in May 2017. Using innovative, co-creative methods and tools, sustainable mobility solutions are being developed within example neighbourhoods in Bremen, Budapest, Jerusalem, Malmo, Southend-on-Sea, and Thessaloniki. Consulting for urbanista within an versatile consortium.

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Design of large floor maps for use within gamification methods
STADTKREATION designed lareg for maps for use within gamified urban development methods by Georg Pohl - Ideen und Instrumente für Kooperation in Quartier, Stadt und Region. Produced using Openstreetmap data, example neighbourhood was the Stadium district in the north-east of Bochum.

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New version of Umlandscout now online
The new version of Umlandscout - Ausflugsziele in Hamburg und Umgebung has been published. Design and technical realization for urbanista in co-operation with We Build City.

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The new website for Christopher Liebich is online
The new website for Christopher Liebich - Digitale Medien und Vernetzung an Schulen, realized by Stadtkreation, is online since a while.

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Website for “Innenstadt-Dialog Mönchengladbach” online
The co-creative website for "Innenstadt-Dialog Mönchengladbach" is online since today: Realized for urbanista with the self-developed Wordpress theme "Nextseventeen".

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Fuchsteufel – Board Game Café Hamburg
Fuchsteufel is the new Board Game Café in Hamburg. Still under establishment, but yet providing versatile possibilities for board game playing sessions. Just visit Stadtkreation provided its own Wordpress-Theme "Nextsixteen" and supports the development of the web presentation.

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Website of Flutist Barbara Kortmann: New Design – Additional Information: RSS links about to be changed
The website of Flutist Barabara Kortmann has a new design since a few days, developed by Stadtkreation:

Important additional information: Tomorrow, on Dec 29, 2016, the Stadtkreation website will move to a new technical environment. The RSS links will change, thus, the respective feed subscriptions will have to be changed.

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STADTKREATION wishes Merry Christmas!
STADTKREATION - URBANES BEWEGEN says "Thank you!" for 2016 and is looking forward to continuing the good collaboration in 2017. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for all clients, partners, colleagues, and friends!

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Website “Gemeinsam in Fulsbüttel-Nord” now online
The website for new refugee homes in Fuhlsbüttel-Nord, a district in northern Hamburg, is now online: Realized in charge of SUPERURBAN PR.

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Deine Geest: Vote now for your favorite projects up to a sum of 1 million Euros
Vote now for your favorite projects up to a sum of 1 million Euros within "Deine Geest" project in the eastern part of Hamburg: Realized for urbanista.

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Project presentation for research project “TempALand” now online
Online presentation for research project "TempALand - Living at multiple places" is now online at Realized in charge of Institute for Environmental Planning of Hanover University.

LXAMANHÃ – A new version of the co-creative platform for Lisbon is online
LXAMANHÃ, the Lisbon-based project in co-operation with Nexthamburg, is now online at with a new version.

06.12.2016 online since a few days
The website presenting the Integrated Development Concept for central Harburg district and eastern Eissendorf district in the south of Hamburg is online since a few. Realized in sub-commision for urbanista using the flexible Wordpress Theme Nextseventeen.

Now online:
The co-creative website is now online. Realized using the co-creative "Nextsixteen" Wordpress theme, formerly developed for urbanista.

Online since today: The new website for Nextzuerich
The new web presentation for Nextzuerich has been published today. Realized using the "Nextsixteen" Worpress theme, developed by Stadtkreation for urbanista.

Voting tool for “Deine Geest” project now online
Online since today: The voting tool for "Deine Geest" project, used to vote for citizen projects to be funded in the east of Hamburg. Realized for urbanista.

02.09.2016 has a new website!
Online since September 2016: The new website for, realized by Stadtkreation. Design: Wolfgang Scholz. Logo: Ateliers Brömme.

Online since today: Website for Soziale Stadt Moisling

The website for Sozialen Stadt Moisling ("Social City Moisling" for Moisling district, city of Lubeck) is now online. Realized by Stadtkreation in co-operation with TOLLERORT - entwickeln & beteiligen.

Online since today:
The online participation and information website for "KörberHaus" project in Bergedorf district, Hamburg, went live today: Realized for urbanista.

An exciting new blog: “Klassik begeistert”
Stadtkreation helped with the implementation of the new blog by Andreas Schmidt:

Website “Hameln 2030”: Now online including crowdsourcing module!
The project website for Hamelin 2030 is online since a few days. Now including a crowdsourcing module that was realized in charge of urbanista.

May 31 – June 4, 2016: Stadtkreation on a lecture and networking trip
Stadtkreation travelled to southern Germany and Switzerland for a lecture and networking trip from end of May until beginning of June 2016. Lectures were held in Ammersee region (for urbanista) and at ETH Zurich (together with Nextzürich). Also, an exchange with WIRfel and K-Zeug projects in Munich and with Frieder Hartung planning office in Stuttgart were part of the trip (including the participation in th 3rd Stuttgart citizens' breakfast together with Salz & Suppe project).

New content structure for Stadtkreation website
The Stadtkreation website has been re-structured concerning the contents. There are new sections for working fields, tools, and partners. But there are other changes as well. Subscribe to our RSS feed to always get our current news just in time. Also, the design has been slightly modified.

Relaunch of Website for Forum Pergolenviertel
Stadtkreation realized the new website for Forum Pergolenviertel in charge of konsalt GmbH.

Perspectives for Flensburg
konsalt GmbH has been charged with the participatory process for ISEK Flensburg (integrated urban development concept), called "Perspectives for Flensburg". Stadtkreation designed exhibition posters, flyer and logo - in close co-operation with konsalt team. More information about "Perspectives for Flensburg".

New website for Munich 2030 Suburban Rail Future Concept now online
Now online: website for the Munich 2030 Suburban Rail Future Concept. Realized in co-operation with Stefan Baumgartner in in charge of Bavaria Green Party.

The Camillo Sitte game is working again!
For all of you who already wanted to play it and found that it's not working: Now, the Camillo Sitte game is fixed. Interesting as well for those who didn't know it so far.

New splash page for MEIN-KLASSENZIMMER.DE
Stadtkreation designed and programmed the new splash page for MEIN-KLASSENZIMMER.DE interactive learning platform.

Website for “Klangmanufaktur” now online
The website for Klangmanufaktur, a Hamburg-based workshop for the restoration of Steinway grand pianos, is now online. Realized by Stadtkreation in co-operation with Büro Klass.

Website “VS weiterdenken” now online
The crowdsourcing website for the integrated urban development plan for Villingen-Schwenningen is now online: Realized for urbanista.

Website Terra Real Estate
Online since a few days: Website Terra Real Estate in Buchholz in der Nordheide. Umgesetzt von Stadtkreation im Unterauftrag von SUPERURBAN PR.

Now online: Website “TOLLERORT entwickeln & beteiligen”
The website for planning and participation agency TOLLERORT entwickeln & beteiligen (Hamburg-Altona) is now online. Realized by Stadtkreation.

Presentation at 3rd workshop “Innenentwicklung” in Bispingen (Lüneburg Heath)
On March 2nd, 2016, Stadtkreation participated in the 3rd workshop "Innenentwicklung" of Metropolregion Hamburg with a presentation of a local development project carried out in Bispingen in 2015.

Citizen participation platform “Keitum im Dialog”
Online since today: Website with crowdsourcing module for participation process "Keitum im Dialog" - Realized by Stadtkreation in charge of urbanista.

Now online: Website BauKulturLand
The website for "Forum BauKulturLand zwischen Elbe und Weser e.V." association is online since today: Realized by Stadtkreation.

Online since a few days: Website for Methfessel bunker (Hamburg)

The website with information about bunker demolition and housing project in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel district is online since a few days. Realized by Stadtkreationin charge of konsalt.

Stadtkreation wishes joyful christmas days and a good year 2016!

New website of primary school “An der Haake”, Hamburg
The new website of primary school "An der Haake" (Hausbruch district, Hamburg) is now online. Realized by Stadtkreation.

New website of Hamburg-Eidelstedt professional school BS24
Online since a few days: The new website of Hamburg-Eidelstedt professional school BS24. Realized by Stadtkreation within School CMS of Hamburg school agency.

Website “Stadtkommunikation” now online
New website online since today. Realized by Stadtkreation in charge of Georg Pohl.

Stadtkreation delivered technical support for the Squarespace powered website by Susanne Buckler - coach and designer in Berlin. Design: Lena Hanzel.

New neighborhood map for “Q8”
Stadtkreation realized the new neighborhood map within the web presentation of Hamburg neighborhood management agency "Q8".

News website for “Hinweis” now online
The so called "Hinweis" is a monthly magazine in Hamburg, containing reports and an event calendar for local anthroposophic institutions. Stadtkreation realized the new web presentation.

Future workshop “Innenentwicklung” in Bispingen
On Oct 13, 2015,  Stadtkreation led the future workshop "Innenentwicklung" within an urban planning project in Bispingen (Lüneburg Heath south of Hamburg). You can find some information here.

N.N. Ghostwriting now responsive!
The website of N.N. Ghostwriting was adjusted to responsive design by Stadtkreation, including four layout types for different screen sizes.

New website of Heilpraktiker Christine Pflug
The new website of Heilpraktiker Christine Pflug is now online. Realized by Stadtkreation, based upon an own Wordpress theme.

Tarpenbeker Ufer: Information and participation website for a new neighborhood in Hamburg’s Groß Borstel district
Now online: The information and participation website for "Tarpenbeker Ufer" project in Hamburg's Groß Borstel district: Realized by Stadtkreation in charge of konsalt.

Now online: Think Your City – The Future Image for Braunschweig
The participation and information website "Denk Deine Stadt" (Think Your City) for Braunschweig is now online. Realized by Stadtkreation in charge of urbanista. Get informed, discuss, post your ideas:

Team Fritz 2015: Support for rally live tracking
Stadtkreation was part of the live tracking support team for "Team Fritz", who took part in the Mongol Rally 2015. Info about live tracking and more info at the team page. As you can see: They already went quite far...

New website for Stadtleuchten Karlsruhe
The new website for "Stadtleuchten Karlsruhe" project is now online. A project within the ideas competition for 300th city anniversary KA2015 . Realized in charge of Nexthamburg.

Website for “Canteleu Quartier” online
The web presentation for "Canteleu Quartier", a development project within Buchholz (small town south-west of Hamburg) has been published: Graphically and technically realized in charge of SUPERURBAN PR.

Now online: New website for altonavi
The new website of altonavi - information center and voluntary agency for Hamburg-Altona - is now online. Text and concept: Thomas Schulze. Design and technical realization: Stadtkreation.

Fusi & Ammann: News section added
The website of Fusi & Ammann architects now has an extensive news section.

Stadtkreation: planning for Bispingen
Already in spring 2015 Stadtkreation has been commissioned with the planning for the center of Bispingen (municipality within "Lüneburg Heath" region south of Hamburg).

Nextvienna online is now online. Technically/graphically realized in charge of The Next Nextwork.

Where do you want to go? Article about underground visions in STADTLICHH issue no. 19
Where do you want to go? An article about visionary alternatoves for Hamburg's officially planned U5 underground line was pubished in STADTLICHH magazine issue #19. In co-operation with Linie Fünf and Nexthamburg.

Online since today: Participatory website for “Kreishausneubau Steinburg”
Wo soll das neue Kreishaus in Itzehoe entstehen? Informieren und mitdiskutieren auf der von Stadtkreation im Auftrag von SUPERURBAN PR umgesetzten Internetseite

Zappendorf has got a new online presentation! - A nice and informative new website for beautiful villages within the cosy Salzatal. Design: Till Brömme, realization: Stadtkreation.

New website for Salveris – Peter Heil online!
The new website for Salveris - Peter Heil is online since today. Texts: Katrin Keitel. Design: Ateliers Brömme. Programming: Stadtkreation.

Now online: “Stadtmacher” platform
Stadtmacher - the platform for citizen projects is now onine and waits for being filled with projects. Stadtkreation participated in the realization in charge of Nexthamburg.

Now online: public participation website for Noise Action Planning Würzburg
The public participation website for Noise Action Planning Würzburg, realized by Stadtktreation in charge of konsalt is online since today:

Am 26.02.2015 mitdiskutiert im Rahmen der Social Media Week
Teilgenommen an den Panels "Das Potenzial von Social Media bei der Kommunikation von Großprojekten" und "Civic Tech und urbane Mobilität – Social Media Nutzung und mobile Apps verändern unseren Lebensraum". Location: "Der Hanseat" - historischer U-Bahn-Wagen im Bahnhof Schlump. Ein Rückblick.

Project website “Eggerstedt 51” now online!
The year 2015 has made a great progress already. Many interesting projects started recently. And the first project of the year has been finished today.

Another bunker destruction with a following construction of new appartments. This time in Hamburg's district of Altona-Nord. The project information website (created in charge of konsalt) is online since today:

The new web presentation of konsalt GmbH is now online!
The last project of Stadtkreation in this year has come to a happy end: appears now in a fresh new way.

And by the way: Stadtkreation wishes all clients, partners, friends and colleagues joyful christmas days and a good start into the new year.

Anna Wildhack and Johannes Bouchain at the symposium “Who Designs the City?”
On Nov 27, 2014, Anna Wildhack and Johannes Bouchain participated with a presentation about Nexthamburg and Stadtmacher in the Symposium "Who Designs the City?" of the KISD in Cologne.

Now online: The new version of Nextbangalore
Stadtkreation was charged with the programming of Nextbangalore Gatishil, the new online presentation of the Nextbangalore project.

“ACHT” Magazine of Hamburger Vorkshochschule: An interview about mobility and urban planning with J. Bouchain
An interview with Johannes Bouchain about mobility and urban planning was published in the fall/winter 2014 issue of "ACHT" magazine by Hamburger Volkshochschule.

Nextsuisse Phase 2 online
The second phase of Nextsuisse is online since a while. Create you own scenario!

Article about “Linie Fünf” and “Linie Plus” projects published
An article by Johannes Bouchain about Linie Fünf and Linie Plus | Berlin projects was published in October 2014. More information

Now online: Linie Plus | Berlin
Linie Plus | Berlin - the collaborative future strategy for Berlin's and Brandenburg's public transit - is now online. Participate by adding your own proposals!

Now online: the “Tunnel Seppenser Mühlenweg” project website
The "Tunnel Seppenser Mühlenweg" project website is now online: Realized by Stadtkreation in charge of SUPERURBAN PR.

Online: website for “Falafel Al Masri”
Since a few days, the website of Falafel restaurant "Al Masri" in the south of Hamburg's Eimsbüttel district is online. Photos: Anna Kehren. Very tasty! (Unfortunately, the restaurant has already been closed.)

Online since today: Serrahn 2030 – participatory project for the Harbour in Hamburg’s Bergedorf district
The website for the participatory project "Serrahn 2030" in Hamburg's Bergedorf district is online since today. Leave your idea for Bergedorf's harbour lake at:

“Mein Ammersee 2020” online
The public participation website Mein Ammersee 2020 is now online.

Online since Sep 8, 2014: Nextsuisse
The online participation platform Nextsuisse - Wie wollen wir die Schweiz weiterbauen? is online since Sep 08, 2014. Stadtkreation realized e.g. the blog in charge of The Next Network.

Now online: Website LUDIBOX - Spiele und Kommunikationsinstrumente, designed and programmed by Stadtkreation.

New web presentation of citizens’ initiative “IPROB – Initiative PRO Buchholz”
Stadtkreation helped with the Steup of the new website for the citizens' initiative IPROB – Initiative PRO Buchholz.

Project “Linie Fünf” (Line Five) extended
The project "Linie Fünf" (Line Five) re-started with an extended strategy. Participate by proposing new lines for Hamburg's future mass transit!

New online: info website for “Citymaker” project
The first website of the "Stadtmacher" (Citymaker) project is now online, including exciting information about the project. Official start of the project is fall 2014, but already now the website is worth a visit. Realized for Nexthamburg. Design: Pierre Schrickel.

Phase 4 of “Bremen bewegen” now online: Which measure will be implemented when?
Phase 4 of the project "Bremen bewegen" (Moving Bremen), the participation project for the Bremen Transport Masterplan, is now online. Have a look and participate: Realized in charge of Nexthamburg.

Opengeofiction presented at SotM-EU 2014 in Karlsruhe
The project Opengeofiction was presented on June 13, 2014 by Thilo Stapff and Johannes Bouchain at SotM-EU, the European Openstreetmap conference, in Karlsruhe. See the Video of the presentation here.

Participation website “Calm(er) is the goal” online
The website - Model project Noise Action Planning in the municipalities of Eislingen, Salach and Süßen in Baden-Württemberg - is now online. Stadtkreation realized the project graphically and technically for konsalt GmbH.

Storybox: New version of web presentation
Online since today: The new version of the website Storybox - Tell me your story, realized by Stadtkreation.

News website: Flood protection Lauenburg/Elbe
In charge of konsalt GmbH, Stadtkreation realised the information and participation website for the flood protection concept Lauenburg/Elbe.

Information and participation website “Forsmannbunker” now online
For konsalt GmbH, Stadtkreation programmed and designed the new information and participation website for the "Forsmannbunker" project in Hamburg's Winterhude district. The website has been online until fall 2016.

Linie Fünf – A collaborative future strategy for Hamburg’s mass transit
Light rail? Or more metro lines? What does Hamburg's mass transit need in the future? Both together would be best. Flexibly extensible. That's why there is the "Linie Fünf" project now. Get informed, discuss, post your own proposals: A project by Nexthamburg and Stadtkreation.

New website of Georg Pohl – Regional Manager
Online since today: the new website of Georg Pohl - Ideas and instruments for co-operation in neighbourhood, city and region: Design: Büro Scholz. Programming (using CMS Wordpress): Stadtkreation. PS: Stadtkreation wiches you Happy Easter!

Bremen bewegen – Create your own scenario!
Until the end of april 2014 you can create your own mobility scenario at Just try it - it's fun!

Future of Hamburg’s Eidelstedt district
Online since today: The website for the public participation process "Zukunftsplanung Eidelstedter Zentrum". Realised for raum+prozess in co-operation with Nexthamburg.

Homepage of Pianist Katharina Treutler now with CMS WordPress
The website of pianist Katharina Treutler was integrated into the Wordpress CMS. The re-programing included a minimal design adaption:

Stadtkreation is back in Hamburg!
Stadtkreation is based in Hamburg again. In the nice district of Eimsbüttel. The new address: Schäferkampsallee 48, D-20357 Hamburg.

Now online:
How can technology improve your urban life? Tell us your need or your solutions on Programmed and designed for Nexthamburg.

Happy new year!
Stadtkreation wishes all clients, partners and friends a good and successful year 2014!

Online: website of the jazz band “Firebirds & Catfish” from Hamburg
The "Firebirds & Catfish" have their own website now: - the online presentation of the jazz band was designed and programmed by Stadtkreation.

Now online: Nextzürich – the first “Next…” in Switzerland
The right place for ideas for the city at the Limmat river: Nextzürich. Programmed in charge of Nexthamburg.

“Harburg neu denken” – inner city dialogue Hamburg-Harburg
New online: Website "Harburg neu denken" for the inner-city dialogue for Hamburg's Harburg district. Programmed for Urbanista in charge of Hamburg-Harburg district administration.

Nextkassel is online!
Nextkassel - Kassel in the heart and the head full of ideas? Share your idea and show us the Kassel of tomorrow.

Now online: N.N. Ghostwriting
The website of N.N. Ghostwriting is now online. Design: Ana Laura Campos & Kerstin Inga Meyer. Programming: Stadtkreation.

Opengeofiction – Geofictoin with Openstreetmap tools
Now online: the Opengeofiction project. A geofiction environment using the Openstreetmap system, initiated by Thilo Stapff and Johannes Bouchain.

Second phase of “Bremen bewegen” project
For Nexthamburg, Stadtkreation realized the website for the second phase of the "Bremen bewegen" project. The main question of the second phase is: "What are the scenarios to use in the further work?". Special element of the presentation is the creative scenario visualisations with different clickable elements.

Jul 23 – Jul 25, 2013: Seminar “Redevelopment. Civic Participation. Sustainable Development” in Perm (Russia)
Johannes Bouchain and Elena Mozgovaya participated for Nexthamburg in the seminar "Redevelopment. Civic Participation. Sustainable Development" in Perm (Russia), Jul 23 - Jul 25, 2013. They presented the Nexthamburg project and were the overall directors of the seminar.

Online: participation website for Noise Action Planning Bochum
The online participation wesbite for Lärmaktionsplanung Bochum (noise action planning Bochum), realized by Stadtkreation in charge of konsalt, has been published today.

Now online: German place name generator!
The German place name generator is now online. Another project in co-operation with Arend Kölsch. Greetings from Vierenwalde, Landkreis Krubisweiler!

Now online: Nextistanbul
Which places in İstanbul need to be preserved? Which places should change? These are the questions of the new website

New website of Nexthamburg
Online since yesterday: the new website of Nexthamburg, programmed by Stadtkreation, based upon the Wordpress theme of und liquidinterface..

Now online: STORYBOX – Tell me your story
Der website for STORYBOX has been published today. Website made by Stadtkreation in cooperation with Till Brömme (design). A project by Georg Pohl, in cooperation with Netzwerk Agens and others.

Now online: The participation website for Buchholz (Nordheide)
Stadtkreation realized the participation website for the ISEK (Integriertes Stadtentwicklungskonzept, integrated urban development concept) in Buchholz (Nordheide), some 30 km southwest of Hamburg. The project was realized in charge of Superurban and with a participation platform from Nexthamburg.

Now online: Website of artist Jana Osterhus
The new website of artist Jana Osterhus from Hamburg, realized by Stadtkreation, has been published today:

Since today, “A Cappella Chor Zürich” has a new website!
Der von Stadtkreation realisierte neue Internetauftritt des A Cappella Chores Zürich ist heute online gegangen.

Nextsavamala – visions for the neighborhood “Savamala” in Belgrade
Now online: Nextsavamala - the website for crowdsourcing of visions for Belgrade's "Savamala" neighborhood, programmed by Stadtkreation for Nexthamburg.

Now online: The participation website for the development of “Hamburg-Stellingen”
The participation website, realized by Stadtkreation with Superurban for the district administration of Hamburg-Eimsbüttel, is now online.

Redesign of the website for A Cappella Chor Zürich
Stadtkreation is charged with the redesign of the website for A Cappella Chor Zürich.

Now online: New website of Netzwerk Agens e.V.
The new website of Netzwerk Agens e.V. has been published today:

Invitation to the workshop “Mental Maps of the Oberhafen”, Feb 2, 2013
The workshop "Experimental Mapping of subjective Impression of the Oberhafen" will take place Feb 2, 2013, 2-5pm in the Oberhafen in Hamburg (Kopfbau, Stockmeyerstraße 41). Everybody's invited! Registration and information

New design for website of Netzwerk Agens e.V.
Stadtkreation is charged with the programming of the new website for Netzwerk Agens e.V. In cooperation with Katrin Keitel (texting) and Atelier Till Brömme (design).

Have a good start into the the year 2013!
Stadtkreation wishes everybody a good start into a successful year 2013!

Online since today: website Buchholz Dialogues
The website for "Buchholz Dialogues" (Buchholz Dialoge) has been published today. Programmed by Stadtkreation in charge of SUPERURBAN PR.

01./02.12.2012: BIKWAY in Hamburg’s Oberhafen district
Bikway, the young startup company from Copenhagen, will be in Hamburg's Oberhafen district Dec 1st and 2nd 2012. They will present their concept and further develop their ideas.

Presentation of Nexthamburg and LXAMANHÃ, conference Cidadania 2.0, Lisbon, 26.10.2012
Johannes Bouchain andLuis N. Filipe presented two citizen's ideas platforms for the future of the city at  Cidadania 2.0 in Lisbon: The Hamburg example Nexthamburg and the Lisbon project LXAMANHÃ that was inspired by the German one.
Präsentation Nexthamburg
Präsentation LXAMANHÃ

Presentation “Urban Geofiction” at the MiniPOSIUM in Hamburg’s upper harbour district
Hamburg's upper harbour area is a creative district and many questions about the future role of this part of the city are being discussed. At the MiniPOSIUM that took place at Oct 25, 2012, Beate Weninger presented about The Power of Maps, Johannes Bouchain about the relation between map and territory and his Urban Geofiction works, and Micha Becker presented the historical and cartographical development of the district.

Stadtkreation realizes the website of BIKWAY company
Now online: The first version of the website for BIKWAY, a Copenhagen based company that is working on a modular bicycle lane system. The website was designed by Stadtkreation.

Now online: The new website of flutist Barbara Kortmann
The new website of flutist Barbara Kortmann, programmed and designed by Stadtkreation, is now online.

New address: Hansaplatz 2, 20099 Hamburg
Stadtkreation moved to a new address: Hansaplatz 2, 20099 Hamburg. More contact data here

Beagraphy – Reflections on cartography and maps (for public participation)
Visit the nice website "Beagraphy - Reflections on cartography and maps (for public participation)" of Beate Weninger, a partner of Stadtkreation in cartographic issues.

Now online: participatory website for Lisbon “LXAMANHÃ – Participe para melhorar a sua cidade!”
On the website, the citizens of Lisbon can now make propositions for improvements of their city, either for a specific location or in general for the entire city. A project by Johannes Bouchain and Luis N. Filipe in the context of Nexthamburg. Desde já muito obrigado pelas suas propostas!

Article about public transit in Lisbon by J. Bouchain and L. Filipe published in German review “stadtverkehr”, issue 7-8/12
An article with a general overview of the current public transit development in Lisbon, written by Johannes Bouchain and Luis N. Filipe, has been published in the German public transit review "stadtverkehr", issue 7-8/2012. See publications and contents of the issue.

Now online: – dogwalk service in Hamburg
"Gassikowski" is a new dogwalk service for dogs in and around Hamburg. Stadtkreation helped the project for SEO issues. See

Website “Ideen gegen Lärm” now online
Now online: The participational website "Ideen gegen Lärm" (ideas against noise) for noise action planning of the city of Braunschweig.

New website for “Staatliche Fachschule für Sozialpädagogik 2” in Hamburg
The new web presentation for "Staatlichen Fachschule für Sozialpädagogik 2" (FSP 2) in Hamburg, realized by Stadtkreation in cooperation with Thomas Schulze Change Communication, has been published today:

Website of the 3rd International Summer Academy Lüneburger Heide now online
The International Summer Academy Lüneburger Heide will take place for the third time this year. The web presentation has been adapted and published today:

New presentation Urban Geofiction
Urban Geofiction, the collection of imaginary cities, has been redesigned and functionally extended.

Relaunch of Website
The new version of the website has been published today. New look, new contents!

New website of DASL Nord now online
The new website of DASL Nord (German Academy for Urbanism and Spatial Planning - Regional Group North) has been published today.

Web presentation of writer Cornelia Manikowsky online
The website of writer Cornelia Manikowsky from Hamburg has been launched today.

Sagen Sie ja zum Kopfbahnhof 21!
Sie sind in Baden-Württemberg gemeldet und Ihnen liegen Transparenz, Kostenwahrheit und (verkehrliche) Effizienz am Herzen? Dann los: Ihre Stimme zählt! Sagen Sie "Ja" zum Ausstieg - "Ja" zum Kopfbahnhof 21.

Workshop “Open Source Planning Tools” at the LASKO2011 in Vienna
On Nov, 3rd and Nov, 4th 2011, Johannes Bouchain was leading a workshop about "Open Source Planning Tools" at the LASKO 2011 in Vienna.

Stadtkreation designs web presentation for author Cornelia Manikowsky
Stadtkreation is charged with programming and design of the web presentation for the author Cornelia Manikowsky from Hamburg.

Since 01.10.2011: 100% freelancer again
Since Oct 01, 2011 full-time freelancer again: webdesign, urbanism... and currently preparing a workshop for "Open Source Planning Tools""

Concept “Railway hub Munich (BKS 2011)” online
Gut durchdacht und ein unbeschreiblich hoher Mehrwert gegenüber der offiziellen Planung: das Konzept "Bahnknoten München (BKS 2011)".

Relaunch of the web presentation for DASL Nord
Stadtkreation is charged with the relaunch of the website for DASL Nord (German Academy for Urbanism and Spatial Planning).

Now online: the new web presentation Fusi & Ammann Architekten
The new web presentation of the architecture office Fusi & Ammann Architekten in Hamburg is now online.

PR consultant at SUPERURBAN PR
Since March 2011: Employee at SUPERURBAN PR as PR consultant.

Design and programming of the website for Fusi & Ammann Architects
Stadtkreation is charged with the design and programming of the website for Fusi & Ammann Architects, Hamburg.

The first version of the newsletter for SUPERURBAN PR has been sent today. Technical realization: Stadtkreation. browser version of the newsletter

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Stadtkreation wishes you Merry Christmas 2010 and a good start into a successful year 2011.

Programmhinweis: “Teilausbau Südring” am 19.12.2010 im Bayrischen Fernsehen
Über die Variante "Teilausbau Südring München", die auch unter zu finden ist, wird am Sonntag, 19.12.2010 um 18:05 Uhr in der Sendung "Schwaben & Altbayern aktuell" im Bayerischen Fernsehen berichtet.

The blog “365 ideas for Hamburg – Green Capital 2011” is now online!
Now online: the blog 365 ideas for Hamburg - Green Capital 2011, a campaign of the "Stadtspieler" project.

Web presentation for Gebeke Verpackungen GmbH online!
The web presentation of Gebeke Verpackungen, the specialist for pharmaceutical packaging, is now online.

Hamburg light rail project: positive result of cost-benefit analysis
On Fri, Oct 15, 2010: Positive result of the cost benefit analysis for the Hamburg Light Rail project. Stadtkreation is looking forward to the construction of this new and useful mode of transport.

New publication about the Hamburg light rail project
The current issue of the transportation planning journal "VERKEHRSZEICHEN" includes a new article by Johannes Bouchain concerning the Hamburg light rail project. Details about the publication.

Neuer Internetauftritt für die konsalt GmbH
The new web presentation of konsalt GmbH is now online. Here you can find a Screenshot of this version of the website. A new version of is online since Dec 22, 2014.

Relaunch of webpresentation for “Ilka Mono – Voice Coach”
Now online: the new web presentation for speech therapist Ilka Mono.

Website “International Summer Academy Lüneburger Heide”
Stadtkreation realizes the web presentation for the International Summer Academy Lüneburger Heide (technical part). More details coming soon. Design: Arend Kölsch.

New design of the website “Zukunft Geben”
Stadtkreation is charged by the "Gemeinnützige Treuhandstelle Hamburg GmbH" for the redesign of the website "Zukunft Geben".

Now online: the new website of the architect Marc-Olivier Mathez
The new website of the architect Marc-Olivier Mathez (Hamburg-Ottensen) has been published today:

Stadtkreation Urban Goefiction: English version online now
The English version of Stadtkreation Urban Geofiction is now online. And by the way: Welcome to the year 2010!

Statement to the official expertise about the Munich southern S-Bahn bypass pubished
On the Munich pages you'll find the statement of the Munich southern S-Bahn bypass working team to the official expertise about the second S-Bahn main route as a southern ring (German).

Urban Geofiction – now online: the new presentation of imaginary cities
The collection of imaginary cities has been redesigned and extended: Stadtkreation - Urban Geofiction. The newest city project by Johannes Bouchain: Forberg.

Articles in German planner’s magazine „RaumPlanung“ published
Publication of two articles about urban planning issues in Hamburg published in Raumplanung, issue 146. More information at the publications page.

Website “Gebeke Verpackungen”
Stadtkreation designs the web presentation for the package printing company Gebeke Verpackungen in Horst (Holstein).

Invitation to the Nexthamburg – Session No. 2
Nexthamburg - Session No. 2: "Grand Prix of the ideas", Oct 27, 2009 at 6pm, "Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte". Just visit

New design for web presentation of “konsalt GmbH”
Stadtkreation takes over the redesign of the web presentation for the office "konsalt - Gesellschaft für Stadt- und Regionalanalysen und Projektentwicklung mbH" in Hamburg-Altona.

Online card game “Climate Memo” published
Stadtkreation realizes an Online Card Game about Climate Change, a "Global Education" project of the ASA program.

Future Hamburg light rail will make it via Winterhude Market Place!
Hamburg: The new Light Rail - opening 2014 - will make it via Kellinghusenstraße metro station and Winterhude market place! See also the detailed statement of Stadtkreation to the different options.

Relaunch of website for the office “Büro Düsterhöft”
Stadtkreation revises the web presentation of the planning office Düsterhöft ( and implements the Content Management System WebEdition to it.

Johannes Bouchain awarded with “Förderpreis der HypoVereinsbank”
On Jun 11, 2009 Johannes Bouchain was awarded with the "Förderpreis der HypoVereinsbank" for his diploma thesis "Stadtbahnqualitäten". press release

Freelancer in the office SUPERURBAN PR
Since June 2009: Freelancer in the office SUPERURBAN.

Website “Stadtspieler”
Stadtkreation realizes the web presentation for the board game stadtspieler (cooperation with Atelier Till Broemme).

Frontend programming
Stadtkreation realizes the frontend programming for the web presentation of the new initiative "Nexthamburg" (

Invitation to Nexthamburg session No. 1
Nexthamburg - The best ideas for the city of tomorrow. On April 21, 2009 you can change the city! Visit:

Website for flutist Barbara Kortmann
Stadtkreation designs the web presentation of flutist Barbara Kortmann. See screenshot 1 and screenshot 2. New website since october 2012.

Freelancer in the planning office “BPW Hamburg”
From November 2008: Freelancer at the planning office BPW Hamburg.

Website for “Gemeinnützige Treuhandstelle Hamburg e.V.”
Stadtkreation designs the web presentation for the "Gemeinnützige Treuhandstelle Hamburg e.V." together with Atelier Till Broemme (Zappendorf).

New design of
New presentation of Stadtkreation now online.

Website of architect Marc-Olivier Mathez
Stadtkreation designs the new web presentation for architect Marc-Olivier Mathez.

Website “Stadtbahnqualitäten”
Now online: The web presentation for the project Stadtbahnqualitäten (Light Rail Qualities).

Chronologigal map of the Hamburg underground network
Now online: The chronological map of the Hamburg underground network. A project by Johannes Bouchain.

Online: first Stadtkreation website
In mid-october 2003, the first version of the Stadtkreation website was published. Initially, it was a presentation platform for imaginary cities.