Fields of work

STADTKREATION works within a wide range of planning, programming and design: Urban design/urban planning, sustainable mobility planning, cartography/GIS, communication/design/web development, and moderation/participation. Below you’ll find details about our various subjects. If you’re interested in the realization of projects together with us or for you, then just contact us.

Urban design and urban planning

Our competences within the field of urban planning and urban design are urban studies and concepts, pre-studies for landuse plans, as well as masterplans for centres of municipalities and districts. We always work closely together with our versatile partners from Hamburg and northern Germany. Not to forget: The field of mental urbanism, a very important subject for us.

Sustainable mobility planning

Sustainable mobility is an important, future-oriented issue, especially within our cities, but also for suburban and regional areas. Already today we need sustainable and thoughtful decisions to find solutions for traffic problems of tomorrow. Public transit, cyclists and pedestrians must be prioritized to reach this goal. Also in rural regions, alternatives to the private automobile must gain importance. STADTKREATION works on concepts in this field in a broad, versatile way and is constantly looking for new partners to work with.

Cartograohy and GIS

In many cases, planning projects include cartographic depictions and plans. For the visualization of georeferenced contents within our projects we use versatile graphical and technical soultions. A special focus lies on online map tools, often based upon Openstreetmap data. Besides, we’re working with GIS tools, e.g. for complex geographical analysis.

Communication, design, and web development

Like many other projects, planning issues need an up-to-date and thematically adapted medial presentation, so that the project’s target groups can be reached in the right form. The internet resp. online media is STADTKREATION’s special focus here. We’re specialized on working with the online content management systems WordPress and Webedition, but together with our partners we also realize projects based upon other systems, like TYPO3 or Drupal. We implement small microsites as well as large and interactive online portals. In many cases we implement online map tools within our porjects.

Moderation and participation

Within planning processes, dialogues between citizens, experts, planners, and other stakeholders have to be moderated. STADTKREATION works as a moderator within different dialogue and event formats, e.g. discussion rounds, work group meetings, workshops, and round tables. Another focus lies on the implementation of innovative and open citizen participation forms, online or live at place.