Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Bouchain
Stadtkreation is a Hamburg-based planning and design office.

Fields of work

Our fields of work are urban design/urban planning, sustainable mobility planning, cartography/GIS, communication/design/web development, and moderation/participation.


Within our versatile projects, we benefit from a large treasure of experiences, and we are always looking forward to new challenges within our fields of work.

Current News

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Public Transit Crowdsourcing with WordPress Theme “My Transit Lines”
The new version 1.5 of "My Transit Lines" Public Transit Crowdsourcing Theme for Wordpress, developed by STADTKREATION, is now ready for download. Detailed information here.

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A nice present for cycling friends: The Bottle of Honour
The website ofhonour.com has been published recently. The main product of the project is the so called "Bottle of Honour", a personalized drinking bottle that one can send to friends as a present. STADTKREATION implemented the "Wall of Honour" in charge of studiouna.de.

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Now online: The Hamburg cycling calendar by “Moin Bike”
The calendar for cycling planning and cycling politics events for Hamburg at moin.bike went online recently. It is maintained by "Moin Bike", an initiative of STADTKREATION, and supported by ADFC Hamburg.

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Website for bunker demolition and new develompent project Saßstraße now online
The information website for Bunker demolition and new development project Saßstraße in Hamburg ist now online. Design and technical realization for konsalt GmbH.

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Instruments list of Klangmanufaktur has been published
The Instruments list of Klangmanufaktur has now been published. All instruments of the Hamburg-based Steinway restoration workshop are being presented in detail. Design: Büro KLASS. Technical realization: STADTKREATION.

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