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STADTKREATION combines urban planning and web development. We bring planning projects to the web in an informative, interactive, graphically appealing and technically sound way. In addition, we are happy to support you with planning components off the Internet and vice versa with websites off the urban planning.

Fields of work

Our fields of work are urban design/urban planning, sustainable mobility planning, cartography/GIS, communication/design, web development, and moderation/participation.


Within our versatile projects, we benefit from a large treasure of experiences, and we are always looking forward to new challenges within our fields of work.

Current News

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The grand digital finale of “shift | Hamburg’s programme for university drop-outs”
"shift" is the name of Hamburg's programme for university drop-outs. The project is drawing to a close. Be part of it at the big digital shift finale on 12.11., 26.11. and 10.12.2020. The event module on the shift website was technically implemented by STADTKREATION. graphic design: MedienMélange.

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New version of the website TOLLERORT entwickeln & beteiligen online
The new version of the website of the office TOLLERORT entwickeln & beteiligen is now online. Technically and graphically realised by STADTKREATION.

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Announcement of the prizes and recognitions of the Bundespreis Stadtgrün
On 30 July 2020, the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community announced the results of the competition Bundespreises Stadtgrün in a press release. STADTKREATION implemented the online presentation of the results  in cooperation with konsalt GmbH.

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New version of the Ohkamp neighbourhood management website online
The new version of the Ohkamp neighbourhood management website in Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel is online. Implemented by STADTKREATION on behalf of TOLLERORT.

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Website with participation tools for the EU project LUCIA published
The information and participation website on the lighting situation along the Elbe river bank hiking trail west of Teufelsbrück in Hamburg is online and contains a map tool and an online survey as interactive elements. Participation is possible until August 8, 2020. The website is a sub-project within the EU project LUCIA and was graphically and technically implemented by STADTKREATION on behalf of konsalt GmbH.

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