Even in the versatile and filling professionell fields of urban planning and web development, there must be some time for dealing with other, “extracurricular” topics. If their publication is worthwhile, they are presented below.

In the summer of 2013, a great wish became reality: to create a fictional world with the same software and the same cartographic representation in addition to working on the real world in OpenStreetMap. Own works from the Urban Geofiction Collection (see below) from the Republic of Kalm were transferred to the OpenStreetMap software, although importing from Illustrator and Inkscape vector data requires post-processing that is far from complete (visible e.g. in Kalm’s metropolis Tarott).
with Thilo Stapff and a meanwhile huge worldwide community (since 2013)

The Place Name Generator
On the way through the province in cloudy weather. The yellow town entry signs as important landmarks. But where exactly are we here? And have these names already been examined onomastically in the field of tension between creative-funny and dull-boring?
with Arend Kölsch (2013)

Urban Geofiction
Geofiction is a very time-consuming (secondary) occupation for all those who pursue this hobby intensively. This website shows that a lot of people all over the world deal with this topic on an urban and cartographic level. Extracted from the Stadtkreation website, which initially focused on this topic, ca. 2010.
(current version 2012)

Created in the age before the mobile Internet and therefore not suitable for touchscreens, this small website gives a good impression of how nice and quiet, yet informative, a click-free Internet experience on the computer is. Realized with pure CSS, without JavaScript.

The Schlaumat
Instant intellect at the touch of a button. A random selection creates ancient Greek jumbo terms at the push of a button from prefix, stem and suffix, implemented with JavaScript. The name combines the German words “schlau” (clever) and “Automat” (automatic machine).
with Arend Kölsch (2008)

Website KWEPF
Creation of a website on which the German language can be translated into a similar but completely meaningless language, implemented with JavaScript.
with Arend Kölsch (2006)

Picture pair card game with motifs of the city planner Camillo Sitte (implemented with JavaScript).

The Decimal Time
Display of the decimal time, implemented using JavaScript.
(2000/2004, edited 2008)
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