About us

The Hamburg-based office STADTKREATION was founded in 2008 by Johannes Bouchain and since then has specialized in various topics in the fields of web development, urban design/urban planning, sustainable transport planning, cartography/GIS, communication/design, and moderation/participation. Our projects include classical planning procedures as well as innovative and informal planning and participation processes. A special focus is also on the use of the Internet as a medium for projects in these fields. We would be happy to knit a tailor-made package together with you to realise your special project—or work with you as a new network partner. Just contact us.

Our team

Portrait Johannes Bouchain

Johannes Bouchain
Dipl.-Ing. Urban Planner
Founder, Managing Director
Johannes always draws on his extensive experience in sustainable urban and mobility planning and combines this knowledge with web development as his second professional passion.
Curriculum vitae

Portrait Susanne Buckler

Susanne Buckler
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Interior Design / Coach
Assistance to the management
Susanne brings her experience as an interior designer and creative coach as well as her interest in web design and well-designed communication into her work at STADTKREATION.

Portrait Nicolai Bouchain

Nicolai Bouchain
M.Sc. Biology
Project cooperation
Nicolai contributes to the work of the STADTKREATION team with his quick grasp of content and technical questions and his view as a biologist. One of his specialties is specific GIS solutions.

Furthermore, the team of STADTKREATION is complemented by freelancers who, depending on project workload and specific thematic requirements, contribute to the realisation of the projects.

How we work

We work decentrally, flexibly and efficiently, with short, predominantly digital coordination channels and with a wide range of open source software. Among the most important programs we use are QGIS, GIMP/Inkscape/Scribus as open source counterparts to Adobe programs such as Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign, LibreOffice as counterpart to Microsoft Office, numerous open source content management systems for websites and other software for various areas of application. You can find an overview under Tools. Closed or platform-independent formats (for example JPGs for images, vector/plan drawings as SVG, PDF files, various geo-referenced formats such as GeoJSON and various script formats for web applications, among other things) can be supplied to our customers in high-quality form.

However, the employees of STADTKREATION are also available as project-related freelancers, for example to support your team in individual projects in the area of our fields of work (in the entire spectrum of urban planning as well as for example in the areas of graphics and web development). If required, we will be happy to work on a computer workstation provided by you for this purpose on your premises, and we will also be happy to work with the software you have available. Just contact us.