Projects (selection)

Below you will find a selection of our current and completed projects. You would like to realize your project with us? Then please feel free to contact us. A complete overview of our completed projects in the area of GIS, WebGIS, and urban planning can be found on our news page.

PeriMobil – Sustainable mobility in peripheralized regions

The research project "PeriMobil - Sustainable mobility in peripheralized regions" aims to significantly improve knowledge of mobility patterns in peripheralized or disadvantaged regions based on sample regions in Saxony and to contribute to the mobility turnaround. Linie Plus and Stadtkreation are on board. Project lead: Leibniz-Institut für Länderkunde (IfL), Leipzig.
Keywords: WebGIS, Openlayers, Python, R, WordPress plugin, routing, WebGIS-based online participation
(current project)

Metropole Ruhr: Pilot project green corridor E

GIS analyses for a utilization concept of the green corridor E (Emscher to Ruhr) between Bochum and Dortmund. Subcontracted by rabe landschaften and in cooperation with ARGUS Stadt und Verkehr.
Keywords: QGIS, GIS analysis, data collection, data preparation
(current project)

GIS evaluation of the public participation for the update of the noise action plan Hamburg

The public participation for the update of the Noise Action Plan Hamburg ran in early summer 2023. Stadtkreation was commissioned with the GIS-based evaluation of the public participation. Subcontracted by SUBERURBAN GmbH for the Hamburg Authority for Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture.
Keywords: QGIS, GIS-based analysis, analysis maps
(current project)

GIS analyses for sectoral land use plans

GIS-based implementation of sectoral land use plans in the Elbe-Weser region for photovoltaics and wind power, among others. This is done in cooperation with the office CK Stadtplanung from Hamburg-Altona.
Keywords: QGIS, geoprocessing, land use planning, regional planning, potential area analysis
(current projects)

Online map tools for urban planning projects

Stadtkreation develops online tools for projects in the fields of urban planning, traffic planning, landscape planning and tourism for various planning offices and projects. The focus is often on interactive map tools that document the results of participation processes in planning on project-related websites in various forms or also enable direct online input of suggestions, ideas and comments organized by topic.
Keywords: WebGIS, Leaflet, Openlayers, plugins and extensions for common web CMS
BIG Städtebau, konsalt, PROJECT M, TOLLERORT, and more (current projects)

Website for new national landscape planning competition “Bundespreis Stadtgrün”

The Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community is offering the new National Landscape Planning Prize "Bundespreis Stadtgrün" for the first time in 2020 and the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development designs and accompanies the prize. Stadtkreation implements the website in freelance work for konsalt GmbH. It contains comprehensive technical solutions for the online management of the compotetion with individual forms and mapping tools.
freelance work for konsalt GmbH (2021-2023)
» Website of National Landscape Planning Prize "Bundespreis Stadtgrün"

Online participation for urban development project in Kiel (Germany)

Stadtkreation is charged with the realization of the online participation for an urban development project (district development concept) for Wik, a part of Kiel, capital of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. In sub-charge of  TOLLERORT - entwickeln und beteiligen. In further cooperation with cappel + kranzhoff - stadtentwicklung und planung as well as SHP Ingenieure.
City of Kiel (in sub-contract) (2019-2021)
» Website "Wir machen Wik!"

PendlALand – long distance commuting or second home at the workplace?

The online tool PendlALand can be used in the Diepholz district (Niedersachsen, Germany) to determine whether commuting to work or a second home at the workplace is more worthwhile. The tool was technically developed by Stadtkreation as a subcontract of the project team, which includes Gertz Gutsche Rümenapp and the Institute for Environmental Planning of the Leibniz University of Hanover.
Institut für Umweltplanung der Lebniz Universität Hannover (im Unterauftrag) (2018-2019)
» Website PendlALand

Rahmenplan Lübeck Innenstadt mit Beteiligungsverfahren

in cooperation with TOLLERORT - entwickeln und beteiligen, cappel + kranzhoff - stadtentwicklung und planung as well as SHP Ingenieure.
Hansestadt Lübeck (2017-2019)

Objective partial land use plan wind energy for the joint municipality of Fredenbeck

In cooperation with cappel + kranzhoff + stadtentwicklung und planung, Stadtkreation is working on the wind energy utilisation plan for the joint municipality of Fredenbeck.
Samtgemeinde Fredenbeck (2017)

Sectoral land use plans for the municipality of Schiffdorf

Stadtkreation subcontracts the office cappel + kranzhoff + stadtentwicklung und planung to develop the sectoral land use plans for wind energy use, intensive livestock farming and photovoltaics for the municipality of Schiffdorf.
cappel + kranzhoff - stadtentwicklung und planung (2017)

Linie Plus – A collaborative future strategy for public transit

In summer 2014, the collaborative project for mass transit ideas called "Linie Fünf" (Line Five) started in Hamburg (, followed by "Linie Plus | Berlin" ( in fall 2014, where the new general name "Linie Plus" was used for the first time (
(current project since summer 2014)