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About the theme
Technical requirements
Short documentation

About the theme “My Transit Lines”

The WordPress theme “My Transit Lines” was mainly developed by Stadtkreation in 2014 and 2015, and joins the ranks of its other theme developments, many of which are focused on crowdsourcing on urban planning and mobility-related topics, such as developments in the Citizen’s Think Tank Nexthamburg.

The special feature: Here, the contributions can not only be located with a point, but entire routes with named stops can be entered and assigned to a means of transport.

Use cases to date include the Linie Fünf pilot project in Hamburg (launched in summer 2014) as well as Linie Plus | Berlin and Linie Plus | Extern. Except for the latter, however, the crowdsourcing phase has already been completed.

Technical requirements

To use the theme, you need a WordPress installation self-hosted on your web space. If applicable, the theme also runs within WordPress versions on wordpress.com, but this has not been tested, so this cannot be guaranteed. The theme has been successfully tested up to WordPress version 4.8.1 (as of September 2017).

Recommended plugins

The theme has always been used together with, among others, the following plugins:
Better WordPress Recent Comments
Recent Posts Widget Extended
Subscribe to Comments Reloaded
Theme My Login
Widget Shortcode
The functionality is largely there even without these plugins, but with these plugins some things can be made more comfortable for the users.

Short documentation

Install WordPress and add theme

Install WordPress in the desired location on your web space. Add the theme in the dashboard via Design > Themes > Add > Upload Theme. You can download the ZIP folder under Download.

Make general theme settings

In the Dashboard menu, go to My Transit Lines > General Settings. There you can upload the logo for your project. Note: The default theme colors are pink (#E6137E) and light blue (#00AEEF). Other colors can be set only by using a child theme with custom CSS styles.

Create categories

Create the desired means of transport categories via Suggestions > Categories. We recommend that you provide here the title form in each case with 01- and 02- etc. at the beginning, so that you can control the display sequence, which takes place via the title form.

Select map position and include transportation icons

Go to My Transit Lines > Map and Category Settings. Select the map center point within the city or region you are creating the project for and set the default zoom level.
Then check the box at the bottom for all the transit categories you want to use, and then upload icons created with a graphics program for the transit categories. You will need one normal symbol and one that is recognizable – e.g. by a colored border – as the currently selected symbol.

Create desired standard and special pages

As usual in WordPress, create the text pages you want and add images if necessary.

Create menus

Create two menus with the associated pages using the usual way in WordPress. One menu (e.g. with imprint and privacy) you include as secondary menu, the main menu as primary menu.

Shortcodes, e.g. for special pages

With this shortcode you can insert the form on the desired page, with which users can add new route suggestions.

[hide-if-editmode]hier Ihr Text[/hide-if-editmode]
For example, you can use this shortcode to include text above the form that is only displayed when new proposals are created. Since users are taken to the same page when they edit existing proposals, they may not need to see certain text components.

This shortcode displays the list of submitted route suggestions from users.


The theme is published under the license GNU General Public License v2 or later.


You can download the latest version 1.5 of the theme here.